Is saffron cheaper in Spain? – When Is Saffron Harvested In Morocco

Yes Saffron is cheaper per unit of weight in Spain than in England, France, Portugal and Italy! This is because of a different local currency. To be able to get a cheap saffron, you need to buy saffron in a local currency other than euros. The best choice is probably the local currency of the country you are in or the foreign currency you live in.

A note on saffron: There are more people who work as a saffron artisans in England, Paris and Germany than in Spain. This isn’t necessarily a good thing. The more people living and working in England, Paris and Germany who are saffron artisans the less likely it is that you will get great saffron.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot find great saffron in Spain. The price for good quality saffron should be around the same or slightly less than in England, France or Portugal. If you don’t live in one of the above mentioned countries you can always search for quality saffron online!

What about the quality of the saffron? And how is it processed?

Quality saffron is harvested by hand or machine using traditional traditional methods. The best kind of saffron is grown in small terrains close to the sea. These farmers are not exposed to the wind or rain, so produce is produced from a much shorter time. This results in a saffron that is slightly finer than the best saffron grown in the Mediterranean. If a saffron is grown in a desert area, the result may be very hard to find. In contrast, saffron grown in the valleys of the Mediterranean is the most prized. The best quality and richest yellow saffron is grown in the hills of La Rioja. The best place to see and buy local saffron is the market in Madrid.

The best way to buy local saffron may be to visit a market. There are dozens of different types of saffron and all of them are available for the price of a kilo in a very wide range of different markets. To buy your own saffron in Spain we recommend that you start with a local saffron shop.

Saffron is always processed in the Mediterranean. You’re looking for quality, not quantity. Most Spanish manufacturers use heat to create small seeds that are then grown in the Mediterranean. After the seeds have been collected, the saffron is crushed

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