How many strands of saffron should I use? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Tank Lighting

If your saffron is too weak to take on the entire weight of the salad, then use less than 1/4 cup of saffron and use less than 1/4 cup of parsley. Also, if your spice mix is too strong for your saffron or you don’t have saffron in your seed basket, then add 3 tablespoons or less of curry powder.

I bought and used some white saffron in my Thai dish, but I was not able to get as much colour as I hoped for. What should I do?

While it’s possible to obtain saffron by purchasing it from someone who’s not quite as familiar with it, it’s usually much harder. To keep the flavour and texture of this spice fresh, I always use some raw saffron. You could also buy the dried, crushed saffron that they find at your local health food store—just be sure the product is completely unblemished.

How do I prevent my kale from withering and wilting?

This is a question I have received many times. The easiest thing to do if this is a concern is to wrap it in plastic wrap and place it in your fridge. If you must allow a bit more time for the kale to get to a set-up stage, use some salt.

I’ve used kale that’s been sitting on the counter for days. What should I do?

If your kale isn’t dead, you can always add it to some broth or soup. If it is dead, your best bet would be to chop it up and start over, which is typically what I would recommend.

Why won’t my kale stay green?

While I don’t feel that it’s an issue, it is something you should keep an eye on. If it seems like it suddenly turns green or is discolored, or if you feel the slightest hint of wilting, then you should immediately pull it away from the heat. Also, watch out for leaves that have lost their leavesy feel. This is a sign that your kale is starting to lose weight. If any leaves appear to be getting soft, then you’re probably looking at the end of the life of your kale. If you notice this happening, then it’s worth replacing the leaf with a new one.

Where can I find recipes with kaffir lime leaves?
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While most kaffir lime leaves are imported from the Mediterranean region of Turkey,

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