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What? And what, sir? If I’d been asked how saffron can be real, I would have immediately replied, “Saffron.” But when I was asked “what type of saffron can you be eating?” I replied “Saffron!”

For the past twenty years I have eaten no saffron, but then, of course, one does not eat saffron. So why is it that I do have great saffron liking? I think it has many things to do with cooking, but certainly saffron’s popularity is because it is a beautiful color and smells lovely. It is also an edible and a health food. There are plenty of other ways of eating saffron that are not at all appealing. Most likely this is a result of a misunderstanding. A long time ago, many people thought that eating saffron was the best type of saffron, that one had to be careful not to eat any white part. If one made the mistake of eating saffron, it could be very costly. Also, it is a lot of work to remove the yellow, un-cooked part of the saffron, that is, the seed. Then you have to cut the seed into pieces, separate the white and yellow and put them in different jars. There is no need to wash the seed, just boil a little water and rinse the water.

One of the wonderful things that happened to me as I have been eating saffron was that I gradually developed taste buds and became able to distinguish between the flavors. Now my saffron is not exactly the best, but I can appreciate all of it. To have tasted it was a wonderful experience. I find the flavor, aroma and texture of all kinds of food wonderful.

In any country you need to choose carefully what you eat and when you cook it. You should be aware that there are many good places for you to eat the finest varieties of saffron. I do not know the name of every saffron producer in the world. I believe that they are all producing saffron. There is one in North America, one in Europe and four or five others around the world. The best place to eat saffron is probably in the Middle East. I believe that it is best to cook the seed. I have come to believe now that cooking it is a rather poor form of cooking, and saffron ought to be eaten with cooking oil or by placing it in an

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