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No saffron is illegal in the United Kingdom.

However some products, namely saffron powder, are regarded as illegal. Any products containing a mixture of parts of plant can be illegal or restricted in the United Kingdom.

This has been the case when saffron powder has been exported from India to the UK, although both the UK and the Indian authorities have maintained that the product was not restricted.

However in an interview with the BBC in 2012, the British trade and industry minister Lord Livingston acknowledged that there were limits with any importation of saffron powder.

He said saffron powder “may or may not be restricted” and was up to any “trade body or regulatory body, I suppose” to decide.

Does saffron powder legal?

Saffron powder is legally produced in the UK and can be imported for use in perfumes, soap and cosmetics.

However there is nothing unlawful about it, unless you want to use it recreationally.

This issue is debated frequently and it is probably for that reason that many people do not understand that saffron powder is not banned and so is often confused with “saffron.”

If you’re using it in some way in your home, a reasonable person would assume you’re permitted to use it, but the actual law is something that should be discussed with a legal professional.

Does saffron powder have any health benefits?

Yes, saffron powder has been shown to be beneficial for many different conditions, such as:

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