What is poor man’s saffron? – Saffron Planting Distance

Why should I ask of you? What would not be a more suitable answer for you then? How would I ever know what you mean! Well, I think you’ll forgive me for the poor answer, though it is not my own. I wish to speak of something which concerns me less than anything human. It touches upon the question I have made you. It touches the very heart of the matter. Is it true that it is, I ask you, that you can make a man love you so as to commit suicide, and then come back to life? Of course it is. And I think I can prove it to you. Let us see. Suppose I, then, tell you a story. A story of a man who took to the very heart of the very mind the very idea of death. Now, he was going to go to the place where he was to die. In this place, there lived a beggar who was dying of a malignant disease. Then, while he was dying he asked for one thing only, and that was to be allowed his last morsel of bread, for it was his last supper. He wanted food, and a spoon to eat it into. It is a common thing, the dying, that they ask for things; and, of course, in this case it is the beggar’s desire to eat his last morsel of bread. Then the man dies. And yet, when he comes to the place where he is going to die, and sees those who were waiting, with a spoon in their hand, he sees neither hunger nor bread. But they are giving him something. It is their last morsel of bread; but it is his last morsel of food. And the first one to speak first says to him, ‘This is bread for us.’ He then says to him, ‘If you wish this, do that.’ And the beggar then said to himself, ‘I must have a morsel of bread on this account.’ And so he took to the very heart of that idea of death. He took to it. That is the truth. You’ll find this same thing repeated in almost every case of a dying man. You will hear them saying it. They are all trying to say it–‘My life has changed, and I cannot see the future.’ But it is never true. Never the least bit true. There is a great deal of truth in it, of course, but it is never true. And it is only when he is dying that

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