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Saffron is the spice, the petals, the scent of the tree, the colour that brings prosperity and fertility into the home. There’s a Sanskrit word for saffron. It has also been called chandala, gandala, kachori. It’s in everything from the Indian tea leaves to the spice that’s added to Indian sweets.

Are spices psychedelic?

As a matter of fact, when you smell a spice, it can be an experience. Even though spice is usually used to describe a hallucinogenic compound, it’s not actually a compound. There are many aromatic compounds in the spice plant called myristicin. They make it taste hot or sweet. Some of the spices smell really sweet, like ginger. Spice is also sometimes used as a medicine. There are some really interesting things you can do with spices when you make a spicy dish.

People say that saffron smells amazing, it’s actually a very strong fragrance. If you use a spice burner, you can actually smell a hot saffron. My dad’s spice box was an incredible gift; we used it for his birthday and my mom said, “You’ve got so much spice, that it’s hard to concentrate.”

A lot of people have experienced hallucinations for some time. A lot of people have experienced it at very low doses. Some people have experienced it at very high doses. People get very little stimulation. It’s not that they’re really crazy. It’s that they have no idea how to respond to it. So instead of using the heat of the burner, which is quite powerful, you can get into their heads and the body that comes up. It can be really unpleasant sometimes.

When is saffron a useful spice?

Some of the best medicines have a lot of aromatic ingredients. The best medicinal plants have saffron on them. Sometimes it’s a lot stronger than other plants.

Some of the herbs that have been used to heal people are often medicinal herbs. So saffron, if you put it in a pill, you wouldn’t have any side effects.

And as a spice, it is used in a lot of ways. Like with saffron tea. For example, we used saffron when we had a wedding and we ate a lot of rice when we were planning the wedding. That’s why it was so delicious. It was a nice way of blending all the different parts of the rice,

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