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One of the cheapest?

Tahini – This is another one that is popular all over the world, in different countries, but in Greece the most popular is usually the brand of tahini made by the Greek dairy industry. It’s the cheapest spice with a good price range for both consumers and producers. But in Greece it’s most expensive with one gram costing about 35 euros, or 1.3 US dollars as a US dollar. You can even find tahini on sale on eBay!

Mint – This is another very popular spice in the world. This is the most expensive spice when you compare it from a producer’s point of view. When it’s sold on the price is about the same in all markets but with one gram costing about 50 dollars.

Pepper – Again, another pepper with a good price range for most consumers, but it’s also sold on a market wide basis, so it can be hard to find it cheap compared to the more common spices. You can also find it in some online shops, but not so much as on the real market.
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Black pepper – Black pepper comes from South America and is actually a very good spice. Black pepper is so very good that most European countries have to import it. It makes for an amazing black pepper sauce especially as you can use it in almost any other recipe to make something special. It’s also used in making chili and in some other dishes for a bit of seasoning.

Pine nuts – Some people may be surprised as there would sometimes be arguments about how to make a good pine nut dip. I agree and I personally like them better than cashews. But in any case there can be arguments but you cannot deny that pine nuts are very, very good and cheap. You might try searching the internet for “pine nuts” but for most people it’s easier to buy them in the store. They are also also a good ingredient for the spice mix in a baked item such as a cake pan or a cake.

Cinnamon – I’m not a fan of cinnamon either, but it definitely is expensive. It comes from the east coast and it’s not hard to find it on Amazon.com for a few Euros. If you are just doing a small amount of flavor you can get away with a few grams and save some money.

Ginger – Ginger is sold everywhere. It’s a very common spice that is sold on the market. It is a very popular spice that is in fact a

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