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“What kind of saffron is the saffron we use?” “What is the weight of saffron?” “In grams, what type of saffron is the most common?” (e.g. yellow, white, purple, dark green, and black type) As far as a gram of saffron is concerned, if you had to weigh one gram of saffron, what would it be? A gram of saffron is about the weight of six drops of perfume. However, a teaspoon of saffron contains about one teaspoon of fragrance.

The difference between light and dark colors is the difference in the concentration of the light and dark colors. Light color is found at the tips of long hairs and is known as the “bitter” or “nettle” color. This color of saffron is not nearly as concentrated and tends to show more yellow than black. Because of this, a light saffron is much lighter in color in comparison with dark saffron. The dark color of saffron can be found at the base of the plant and is called the “sick” or “honey” color. This color is very intense and can show a great deal of yellow. Because of the high amounts of yellow present, light saffron is most concentrated in the base of the plant

What is the difference between green saffron and red saffron? Green saffron is what you’ll find in the kitchen. The leaves of the saffron plant have an orange-red color and may have three different colors in the same plant: pale green, medium green, and dark green. The yellow color is found just below the orange-red color and is known as the “blue” color. Green saffron is very concentrated and often found in the base of various products

Why are people always trying to find ways to get extra saffron? If you’ve ever been shopping and looking around the stores, you’ve probably seen many jars of saffron hanging on the line in the display case, and perhaps even in the display case of some shop’s food items. Why are people always looking for an extra saffron? We can answer that in a few ways. First of all, people think that if you find a saffron at a natural market or wholesale shop, you can use it for their recipes. The truth is that they rarely are natural, so you can never really get a good idea of how much

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