Is there a cheaper substitute for saffron? – Grow Saffron Crocus

Yes! There are lots of spices to add to saffron, all of which come in cheaper versions, with some health benefits too. You can use the whole lot in some Indian recipes, and to create a spice pack for a curry, add them to curry powders and mix well before serving.

Saffron isn’t a very nutritious spice.

No saffron in a spice pack? Well then why not have some extra-crisp lentils in the dinner too?

Why? They’re easy to make, they get delicious browning and they have lots of vitamins A and K.

How do you make an inexpensive version of saffron?

You’ll have to add up to ½ a teaspoon to every batch unless you’re trying to add a huge amount and then it can go over the top.

I don’t know why these ingredients need to be so expensive so why should saffron?

Well, there were some people when this started back in the 1950s who were worried that saffron would be ruined by growing too close to the sun. They’re now saying not so! It’s a natural product that has a strong odour that is quite attractive, so is more suitable for the kitchen than it is for the street.

Saffron is used with turmeric to create a tasty, spiced mustard dip.

Can I use saffron oil in cooking?

Saffron oil is used to flavour almost anything. It’s also a very rich, nutritious and tasty oil that’s really good for skin, hair and hair oil. It’s used with turmeric to create an attractive and spiced mustard dip which anyone can easily make at home.

Can saffron be used with baking powder to create a new baking powder?

Yes, it’s absolutely delicious. You just add saffron to make a sweet spiced baharat that is suitable for cakes, biscuits, savoury fillings with all the flavour that has been added to it. If you want to make a spiced baked bread you just mix together enough flour and baking powder. You can also use it with baking powder to make a special savoury loaf.

Some say it’s good for your hair…

Yes, it can help keep you clean and keep your curls healthy. It can be used with turmeric to make a rich, spiced baharat that is suitable for cakes.

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