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The current price at which it is sold in the world is Rs 2,200 akg and is higher than most other gems. It is often marketed as ‘the world’s best diamond,’ with its high purity.

On one hand there is the myth of Sri Lanka, where diamonds were first mined using a special cutting method known as ‘wet’ rather than dry. This method produced diamonds that were twice as dense and twice as rich in emerald. This is thought to have made it harder to forge. It is rare for diamonds to have a diamond matrix that’s two-thirds of the way gone.

On the other hand is the widespread belief that saffron comes from Kashmir, India, a country that was part of the Muslim world through at least the seventh and eighth centuries AD. It was even believed that saffron has a mystical connection with the Hindu gods.

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Saffron is highly fragrant and aromatic, as well as highly resistant to air and water. That makes it an ideal ingredient in saffron candles and perfumes. It is also considered a beautiful and healthful spice for baking.

There is an old saying that ‘everything smells better with saffron in it’. This is because saffron is naturally anti bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. You may see a lot of saffron on the shelves when you buy saffron candles but it is not only on the shelves. There are some that have been specially mixed to enhance their odours.

The question is, is saffron worth the price? Or is it a fraud that some will use to sell their wares?

What Is Saffron?

The word saffron means ‘red’ in Sanskrit. The word means red in Indian and Persian languages.

As can be seen in the ancient writings of the Indians saffron represented a particular colour. As the word itself indicates ‘red’, it should be considered unique. Saffron is used widely in the Middle East.

In ancient times saffron was made into an astringent and a balm. It is believed by some that it also helps with respiratory problems. In Egypt, the Egyptians made saffron into a highly prized medicine. They believed that a dose of saffron mixed with honey could cure many ailments of the body. The Romans called saffron ‘medicine’ and used it to treat many ailments of the body

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