What are the side effects of saffron? – Can You Grow Saffron Crocus In Uk

It has been proven that saffron has antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial benefits which, are very beneficial to the body. It also has many skin cleansing effects which may help remove dead skin cells and helps to maintain healthy looking skin.

Some people find saffron helpful in relieving congestion in the lower abdomen, a problem which most Indian women face.
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Other people see it as a good thing as it helps prevent the growth of yeast, yeast infections, asthma and irritable bowel syndrome.

A former White House official confirmed that the Clintons had “a long conversation” this week with FBI Director James Comey about the Hillary case, but said he did not know what the conversation was about and said the president was “confused” about the timing.

Asked about the conversation in an interview Friday on “Fox & Friends,” Eric Schultz said the president was not prepared to make the decision about whether to prosecute Clinton.

Schultz said he was not familiar with the content of the conversation but that the topic of Hillary Clinton was a “good topic that the president and I had.”

He added that “the president is certainly confused” by the timing, calling it an “inconsistent view. The message is clear. It is unequivocal.”

Schultz said Comey informed the president that during his investigation of Clinton’s email server, the FBI uncovered information that would have made his recommendation on whether to press charges for her, “undoubtedly the first time in his career he faced an issue with this kind of urgency and urgency.

“The administration has said, there’s been two separate decisions with respect to what action, if any, is to take. So in the context of what the president wants in terms of the perception that, in an effort to tamp down on the controversy around the email, he would have made this recommendation yesterday, I don’t know what the president is thinking right now.”

Schultz said Clinton should be treated the same way as former President Barack Obama, who the Clintons have known and campaigned for over two decades.

“President Obama didn’t make the recommendation based on a recommendation from the independent counsel, as far as we know. So I don’t know what the view on this is. But President Clinton did,” Schultz said.

In contrast to the White House assertions, Comey said Friday he was not prepared to recommend charging Clinton for her use of a private email server at the time she was Secretary of State.

Obama had been

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