What can I use instead of saffron? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seat Rails And Brackets

The only alternative that will yield the optimal effects by reducing the risk factor is red curry powder as the food colouring which can also be easily obtained with just the necessary ingredients. For example, the spice must be dried, ground and made of oil in the traditional form. Similarly the vegetable must be washed, sliced, and washed and drained into the food processing process. The dried spices, on the other hand, need to be fermented with sugar in the traditional way.

The other ingredient, bhut jolokia, is sometimes used alone or with salt to enhance the taste of turmeric. But for the health conscious it is the best option for the spice as saffron is used for its medicinal and aromatic properties which are beneficial to the body. Also the spice absorbs flavour better.

You can go to the local stores and buy them directly from them or ask your friend or your mother-in-law what they can use. Then pick some from your own garden and use. Or buy from the nearest hospital and give some of them to your doctor. There is no need to use it from home.

A Note on Food Ingredients

There is no good alternative for saffron but some shops are serving fresh saffron in their products. This type of saffron in India is not the same saffron from Nepal or Pakistan. And that does not bode well for the health of the consumer of this spice. So just beware. If you want to try this spice it is best to do it at home and have some of the local varieties so that you could see first-hand that it can work.


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