What does a saffron plant look like? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Aquariums

It’s basically an orange. So let me explain what an orange looks like. We have three layers of colour. First is the orange that’s called the coriander – it’s found only in India, and it’s what makes it orange. This is what you might get in India: two leaves at the base of the plant, two flowers, and that’s it.
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And, third, is the yellow that we see in the flowers – this is what you might get in India: two flowers. So that’s a bit of different colour, as you see. What is a saffron plant? Well, it’s the leaves, I guess, that give it its colours that we saw in the picture of them. And then a few of these small flowers. So they’re pretty much just oranges, the colour of that orange that we’re just seeing.

But what’s in the rest of it? Well, it doesn’t have flowers just for decoration, does it? It gets its colours from the plant itself, and not from anybody else. Let me show you a picture of the first one. You see – the plant itself – the most important part of the plant is that it starts off as a saffron plant, which is the yellow colour. I’ve cut away a little bit, but I’ve saved this in case I come back and do another show. Because it looks like a blue saffron. This is what it looks like. But it’s green. This is what you might get if you come over to my house and see my green saffron in action…


Well, this saffron actually has flowers too, right here, right here in this picture. So what is a blue saffron when it starts out as a blue saffron, right here? Well, it’s a saffron that hasn’t developed any colour yet. And it has no leaves at all. And actually, this is one of the most remarkable things about blue saffron. When it’s like that, there doesn’t appear to be any color from the inside. You can actually see it without the leaves. It’s completely opaque. Now if you put the leaves in the picture, you will see what it is. It’s a blue saffron without leaves, completely transparent. And this has been very well known ever since ancient Egypt. They used them for decoration. And actually, from what I’ve gathered, they weren’t that

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