Why is saffron so rare? – How Do You Harvest Saffron

It’s hard to explain. Like turmeric, it’s an ingredient in many cuisines, but it’s a spice in ours. It’s a spice to a number of tribes, of which I’m just one. I’m part of the Amhara. We have two saffron-producing regions in the region here in Amhara—one in Amhara, and another in South Sudan.

But the fact of the matter is it’s not a very common spice.

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It’s difficult to get a great deal of it, because at one point it was thought to be extinct, but that is simply incorrect. The Amhara are in their 60s and 70s. I do know of people who were born between 1965 and 1973, but that was before there were many, many, many varieties. The same goes for Senegal and Mali.

The question of why saffron is hard to find is what really interests me here. When I heard you were coming to Africa, it was obvious that saffron was very important.

I mean, there was no reason what so needed to be used for something else. It’s only when it becomes such an integral part of the culture that you don’t use it for something else. Because at one point, in our culture of Saigon, saffran was seen as such an insignificant ingredient, that people just used it as a garnish or garnish for food. And it was used.

For me, it was like finding something that’s in the food chain of my culture, and it had been neglected in so many ways—especially from the Vietnamese side. My mother made some rice, but the whole idea of saffron rice was unknown there.

We had a restaurant on the island of Vientiane with the best saffron rice in the world, so I went to her in my head to visit and she was really upset.

My mother used to say, “The reason the saffron did not come to Vietnam is because they weren’t careful enough with its breeding. It wasn’t bred. It isn’t the food, because it just fell of the tree. It’s just a part of my culture, but it isn’t even one of the main things to eat.

When I went to Senegal, I saw that so many people eat saffron rice, that it’s part of the diet of over 100 million people. So it’s very important, as people start

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