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Smelt as much or as little as you wish from about 500 grams to 2000 grams of fresh saffron, depending on whether you eat fresh saffron or dried saffron.

What is saffron and what is related to saffron?

Saffron (Saffronium spp.) is a very ancient plant and has been used by humans for thousands of years since ancient Greece. According to Wikipedia, saffron is a spice grown in parts of Asia, including China, India, and Pakistan. In India it is known as an ingredient in “gourmet” food like butter.

Saffron is not currently used in food in the United States because of its medicinal value. However, saffron powder is sometimes included in herbal medicines that are widely sold or sold on the Internet.

Saffron is a type of herb, and when mixed with alcohol, will produce an alcohol soluble liquid or liquidy solid. The aroma of saffron is often described as “smokey,” but this can be confusing since that is because saffron does not smell like smoke and is not typically associated with smoke. Other types of saffron are described as woody or “earthy,” but these descriptions do not accurately describe the smell and taste of saffron. Both aroma and flavor of this type of herb are actually the same.

Saffron is also sometimes sold in bulk and “stacked” for sale in specialty herb stores. This is a trade in “horseshoes” in which a piece of saffron is cut so that many of the seeds are cut off. Those that are left on the surface are called “clover.”

Saffron grows in almost every climate, and is found on many different plants – from the evergreen canopies of the Mediterranean to thorny cacti in the Mediterranean. While there is debate about whether or not saffron’s taste is related to its ability to bind with a particular food source, some research suggests that it has properties that may work by binding with many common plant compounds found in many parts of the world. This makes saffron a particularly rich source of vitamin A, which has been shown to improve eye health and overall eye health.

Crocus 'Saffron' (Fall Blooming)
Saffron has also been known, along with ginger, to be effective in treating arthritis.

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