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A: This was inspired by a quote by Steve Jobs. Jobs said “You’re never done creating.” I had a good talk with Steve last week, and he mentioned that. I feel the same way, that the goal is to always create something that is different.

Q: You’ve said other artists have influenced you. What other artists do you think can inspire you?

A: I think it’s good to have other people’s perspectives. I don’t really need anything from other people to do my work.

Q: What makes you so unique? What has been your biggest challenge?

A: I think it’s going to be my ability to work within a limited amount of hours. I’m a relatively new artist, and I need to learn everything that I haven’t yet. This has been my biggest challenge so far, but it’s also an opportunity that I haven’t had to do anything like this yet.

Q: You’ve written a series of poetry for a non-profit called Caring Eyes. How did you come up with that idea?

A: I’ve been doing poetry for about three years or so. In those years I’ve been making music. I wrote it in about 20 minutes before I hit a wall in writing a poem to keep from procrastinating. I started writing this a long while ago, but decided to make a list of the most memorable poems that I’ve been interested in.

Q: What do you prefer to work on when you’re free?

A: I like working on things in my sleep. There’s probably something in there for everyone. I like drawing and painting on my computer at night.

Q: When you start a project and it’s over, what do you like to think about?

A: My main feeling is relief when I finish a project. I can put it out there and let other people draw from it and use the ideas as a starting point, or I can continue writing in order to create something that will be of a higher importance to me.

Q: What was your most satisfying achievement?

Space Painting Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Chad ...
A: This is so hard to choose. If I could pick one I would love to work on, I think this would be it.

Q: What’s been the happiest experience in your career?

A: Most satisfying experiences so far have been when my work has come out of my studio. This was a huge surprise to me, and

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