What is the best spray paint for art? – Spray Painting Drawing Images

My husband does a lot of painting himself and says spray paint is much nicer than regular paint because you can spray a thin coat with no mess, and the spray can work really fast. He washes his hand off in one spray, then a second, then the third. My husband actually uses an airbrush for a few layers of paint before applying the first layer. That way, he doesn’t have to waste a lot of pressure.

Is it OK to spray a black coat on your canvas?

Yes. The paint will cover the black part to the point that you couldn’t tell it wasn’t painted black. The paint is very thin—a drop will be no thicker than the paint you are using—and you don’t have to spend much time drying it off.

How will I know where I’m painting?

This is the hardest part of painting. You paint the piece first, then look at what you painted to see where it is. Once you have the piece all figured out, you can place the canvas directly over it.

Have you ever used a special spray can?

Yes. A gallon spray can usually works pretty well in practice but I have used the more expensive, more traditional paint cans. For $50 to $80, you can get a decent set of paint cans with a few brushes on the lid that you can use to paint a canvas area.

Do you prefer a single brush for painting on canvas?

No. I prefer a spray nozzle on the brush that shoots a smaller area of paint. This tends to get a different result. There is also a way to make a double brush. You can make a pair of acrylic paints; put about an inch of acrylic paint along both sides and then press the paint can into the acrylic paint. You will get a double-brush spray nozzle on each side of the paint as well.

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