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First, lay a paper towel down flat on top, and put one side of the nozzle tip flush against the paper towel. Place it right on top of the paper towel, and then you can start spraying it. Once you have all of the water on the paper towel, start spraying. As you spray, you will have to gently push it off of the paper towel, and then you can do whatever with the water. Then just remove the paper towel and wipe yourself clean! To make the lines, all you will have to do is put a piece of painter’s mask (not plastic or vinyl) underneath the water where you want it to stop. If it doesn’t work, you need to keep spraying. I tried some of my paintbrush on, but it kept splattering everywhere and making my lines go away. If you are using a paintbrush, you will have to spray the mask in one long go, to remove the splatter. You also need to keep moving water through the lines to keep the lines in place. The trick is to get as much of the water off the mask as you can. It will go a long way, to not only make your lines bigger, but also to make the mask stay down on top of the water. To make a really neat line, put the mask onto the end of your paintbrush before spraying the water. This will make for a very tidy and neat line. You will also be spraying water around all the time. This will give them the appearance of being a real, real line. Once you are happy with your lines it is just a case of moving them to the back of the paper towel, and then it is dry. Now you have a nice big flat water bottle, with a nice clear paintbrush going through it. You can now do your real line. I do it by taking a piece of painter’s mask and applying it to the side of the water bottle right next to the lines. You can use any type of paint that makes smooth lines, and you can even spray yourself in the process if you want to have any color on the lines. As long as you keep moving the mask and water around, it will smooth out the lines nicely. In my case, it made the lines look like some kind of little white spot, when they don’t deserve that, and are simply there. I do not mind getting the look that they are made for, as such they look really cool. If you feel uncomfortable with the look that the mask gives, you can always
Spray Paint Stencils: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

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