How long does it take to get good at graffiti? – Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations Marjolein Bastin

A lot of people believe the time is different at a local level than at a national scale. There’s the same amount of effort put into it, and when you’re putting graffiti on the wall, you’re basically a big artist. If you want a national level artist, you have to start at the grassroots of what’s happening in the city. If you want some of the top-level artists, you have to go to Paris or New York.”

As for where the new mural will be placed, Gatto notes that he’s “really working it out — a lot of the pieces will be put on the right and left side of the wall with the new mural.” And while it’s unclear what the new mural will include, it’s likely to contain a visual element that matches the rest of the space: a larger scale and scale of work that Gatto’s also been talking about for years. “If you can fit more graffiti in a lot more space,” he says, “you can fit more art in. It’s about taking that idea of what we did on the first floor of the project and trying to take it even farther.”

On October 8th, the mural will be illuminated at 6, and will then be open to the public the following day.

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“If this were a film, all you would need to do is sit back and watch it for a while,” said filmmaker John Madden in the closing panel at San Francisco International Film Festival in 2013. (Credit: Joe Skipper/CBS)

John Madden (The Firm, The Sopranos, Deadwood) is in line to make his directorial debut with the first episode of a remake of the classic 1950s TV series The Fugitive starring David Carradine. And he’s got one thing going for him: After his breakout role with “The Firm,” he was soon named one of the youngest leading men in history. Now Madden wants to keep those credentials.

In the closing session of the San Francisco International Film Festival, the director and producer behind The Fugitive and others has revealed that he will be a producer on “Fugitive,” a TV drama based on the iconic TV series.

“It’s going to give me a leg up as far as my experience, and hopefully also the confidence that I will be able to go in with,” Madden said. “This is a great opportunity and I’m very excited to get this story right

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