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What is one thing that we have that no one else has? We have a great team of people that make a lot of effort to make certain things very easy for people to learn the basics of.

How much does this community impact the future of graffiti?

How long do you think it took us to achieve the level of success we have today?
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Have you ever considered putting something up yourself?

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Budweiser, Pepsi, General Mills–the industry giants that make beer, ice cream, sports beverages and soda–all announced plans to end the use of GMO corn and soybeans in their products, an industry-wide initiative that is expected to cost the companies $1.4 billion and more than 2 million jobs.

And it may help lead to better food production. Genetically engineered ingredients have been shown over and over to be safe and contribute to reduced food insecurity for consumers, while increasing the production of non-GMOs.

“The American consumer wants to know their food is fresh, safe, abundant and organic,” said Bill Freese, president and CEO of Coca Cola, and chairman of the board of PepsiCo. “We’ve been working closely with growers and consumers to find a way to get our food and beverages with no GMOs, so we can continue to serve our consumers and grow our business together.”

Last week, Coca Cola and Pepsi announced their commitment to “go green” and phase out genetically engineered corn and soybeans in all foods by 2020. Coke is the first to end the use of these crops, while Pepsi and General Mills will work with their growers to provide customers with a better variety of non-GMO options in the future.

Pepsi’s announcement comes just days after Kraft Heinz announced plans to phase out the use of GMOs by the end of 2015.

Although the GMO crop bans have been met with considerable industry concern, the results have been well worth the investment, experts tell ABC News. The U.S. Government Accountability Office concluded that GMO crops in the United States have not significantly altered the food supply, nor contributed to pesticide use. The report also concluded that there are no adverse effects on human health or the environment from these crops, and even the potential trade-offs in nutrition and production are minimal.

“What industry leaders are doing is really great. It

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