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A liquid form of insecticide called gesso is used to control many kinds of insects, including moths, wasps, aphids, and beetles — and it does so without destroying the soil. It’s a very effective chemical insecticide and is very effective at controlling insects on your home landscape — as long as you are able to get it off the plants first. This is also great for any landscaping or pest control project that involves control of pests such as cockroaches, wasps and ants. There are a couple of reasons your home could have a few tiny pests that your gardening does not have to worry about. First, these things are very easy to kill by a few drops of water. Second, when your plants are under control, the pests aren’t eating your plants. If there are pests, these are the easiest to kill. But, it is unlikely your plants will be getting eaten or damaged by insects or pests when they are under control and your plants are being used as landscaping supplies instead of just as a pesticide.

How does gesso spray work? Using just a spray bottle with an end cap, spray your plant with a gesso mist. You can also use a liquid formulation of gesso that you can use on your garden to kill bugs — a liquid spray gesso. For example, the spray might come out in liquid form or use an eliquid formulation of the chemical that would be liquid enough to spray but then have an eliquid container inside of it.

How much does a 1 liter spray cost? Gesso has a shelf life of several months but some plant will keep getting exposed for longer. The longer your plants are exposed to the mist of gesso, the more effective it gets and the longer it lasts. It’s important to use enough gesso for your entire garden to avoid your whole garden from getting gesso misted by spraying.

How would I use gesso sprayed as I did earlier? You could pour the treated mist into a container and leave it there for several weeks. You can take a picture of the sprayed plants so that you can easily identify which plants are getting treated.

Do I need to have gesso spray on my plants for my garden? Gesso is most effective on weeds, weeds without roots and soft-shelled plants. But, as you plant your garden, you often will have to let some of these plants and weeds grow. Gesso is good for all kinds

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