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According to the artist, “I’m not a naturalist. I’m not a painter or an environmentalist or anything like that. My job is about making something beautiful.”

One thing I love about the show is the cast. They all have amazing personalities and there is always something in the offing for each of the characters. This season has been a bit of a roller coaster for all of them, but especially for the new addition to the cast – Dax.

As a fan of all things geeky, what I really love is that Dax has grown a lot as a character. She is now the captain of a new ship and is ready to do anything that she can to prevent them from killing each other as a crew! What a huge change from her current self! We all know that her ship, the Vorta, is the only ship for her.

To learn more about her, check out Dax.com or check out her twitter @Dax_Mara.

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On July 29th, we launched our new project project: The New York Marathon. It is a three race effort, taking place in mid-September in the Big Apple. The goals were to: 1) bring the whole marathon community closer together by giving everyone a reason to run 1 event a year in NYC, which would create a long lasting tradition, and 2) have fun.

We will be keeping the same route from last year, but we will have more events and more fun in NYC!

Our Team:


Sarah works remotely as a writer in the field and has been running for almost 6 years. She is a lifelong New Yorker and a runner who loves both the outdoors and the New York City area. Sarah is married to a New York Cityer, her best friend is a doctor, and their three children are all runners. Sarah knows everything about running, and her background as a freelance designer helps her with her planning. Sarah knows she has what it takes to be the marathon community leader she wants to be. Sarah was inspired to become a run leader by other NYC runners, and was excited to find the community here.
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I am Sharon (pronounced “shar-nee-Y”). I run 5Ks, half marathons, and 5-k medleys. I love my life and can’t wait to race

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