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Yes – No

Roo is a great casino for the cash. I know people will argue that it’s not a casino because it doesn’t have slots. I’m not a fan of the slot machines, and as the owner of Roo, I believe that there’s a whole lot more to the gambling experience at a casino. The fact that this casino gives you one ticket to win $200 doesn’t hurt, but to be honest, the best part about having a good selection of slots at your fingertips is the fact that you can never have a bad one so you don’t have to waste the same money again and again. The other great feature is that you can bet with your laptop or smartphone, all of which add to the experience of playing the real money. This casino also has $50, $30, and $20 chips. One thing to note is the fact that this casino doesn’t have any slots that are blackjack themed. I won’t recommend it because it will have a good time and people will probably leave. If you want to play slots, then the best casinos should have blackjack and have slot machines if you don’t mind spending money and need the money. I’d like to go further and comment that this casino isn’t expensive, but you won’t lose much money if you play this casino regularly. If you were to choose between the two casinos and spend $5000, you would have much less money since this casino won’t have any slots or cards, but with $2000 you will have a bit more than at some other places that I’ve talked about. I’d rate it more than a 10 if you don’t mind spending money if your budget isn’t what it used to be, though this may not be your case. I recommend this casino because it’s one of my favorite casinos, but if you’re willing to make your own budget, this casino is one you definitely do not want to miss and play.

Budget Rokku: An average casino. They did make some significant alterations, but not enough to make it a 10. There were many “free” spins that I didn’t mind paying more for, and this casino still has many more slots and games than the casinos in this table. I would still recommend this casino to people who like doing things in increments. They also did something about their free spins. All in all, I would say that this casino is not the best out there, but it’s fine for casual players.

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