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When it comes to gambling, we don’t just rank online casinos. We rank every single slot machine in the casino industry, as we do all casinos that offer slots.

To do this research, we examined the performance on average of casino games played at each of the 50 US casino-gaming companies, using data from the 2016 US Interactive Gaming Business Report (IGB – the report used to measure casino games played in the US). In each case, we ranked the best-performing game based upon the average win per game, along with the game’s odds.

We then ranked each slot machine from 1-5, using Vegas odds of the last time it was played at 50 percent of that casino’s opening bid. We then looked at the average win per game, and then added up the odds per game. The result? We ranked everything from slot machines 2 percent to 10 percent better than the casino, in terms of our overall casino score for the year.

We also ranked the five best bets and 10 worst bets on every game in each category by the Vegas odds that the slot machine won.

Read more about how we calculated the score below.

Top five games

These games all performed exceptionally well by Vegas and, if not specifically highlighted, we recommend the game based on either its casino-style payout or overall win percentage.

1. Slots 1–5 – $100k in win – +8 percent

2. Slots 5–10 – $100k in win – +13 percent

3. Jackpot – $300k in win and $10k in payout – +14 percent

4. Roulette – $100k in win and $0 payout – +16 percent

5. King – $200k in win, +16 percent

The best odds

Most of the slots played below the $100k payout have high win rates.

The casino games we identified in this ranking have high average odds. However, that’s only a matter of preference, with the games with the highest Vegas odds typically being among those with the best odds. In any slot machine category, this means that the overall Vegas odds matter most, as well as the casino’s payout. We ranked the top five slots with Vegas odds of the last time they were played at the casino at 50 percent of the opening value. If a slot has higher Vegas odds than the casino, we recommend playing it over the casino.

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