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I was once told that the best way to learn to write is with a pen.

I had been given a bunch of pens, ranging from inexpensive to highly expensive, but none that I wanted to write with. So I began looking around the house for a pen that I would actually want to use. Eventually I brought a pair of Pilot Metropolitan ink pens to the garage to practice with. I did a little experiment with the pens and quickly realized that the one that worked best for me was the medium priced Pilot Metropolitan. The ink was a little dry, but a little warm, which is what I like about medium priced pens. It actually went pretty well for me for my handwriting practice, although I had a lot of issues writing in it. I have some of that tendency myself, but I think the pen makes up for it with its light weight and ease of use.

I had been going to a lot of writing sessions at a local studio that’s located nearby, and they used a variety of pens for instruction. My friends were excited about how quickly and intuitive they used the pen, and I was excited to try my hand with it. It was only when the pen was used on several pages of a novel that I realized how light it was, or how much ink, or how well it held the writing. I decided to give it a try, and I got to write with it almost a month later.

I know that I have not written all week, but for me, my pen is one of the biggest tools that I use. I’m not sure that a pencil or a paper is a bad tool, in fact I may recommend them. But a pen is a tool that should be used in a specific style, and as a writer I always have my own set of rules. The pen is one of those tools, and while it didn’t get the attention like a notebook or journal did in my opinion, it got my attention enough that I decided to take it to an event.

In the spring of 2015, I made history, writing a novel in a single day! And not only did I write that on a single day, but I wrote it on the same day as a day event for the writing workshops that my local studio was running. I remember being so excited to show it off and the reception that I received. It was amazing how many people were interested! It has been my favorite pen the entire time we’ve done these writing workshops, and probably won’t be my last one!

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