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This is a problem. It is a fundamental problem for casino casinos, which are now the leading gambling industry in Canada. As recently as a generation ago, it is considered a “natural” behavior for gamblers to put money into a card game. The reason for this is simple; if the card game is fair (with random draws), one would see no difference at all in chances of winning if one paid the entry fee. But what if the casino is not the legitimate and legitimate player, but a scoundrel who is using his profits to gamble in order to enrich himself?

This is an example of the “grey area” that exists now in the industry. In a game of Blackjack, the player who is the legal gambler pays for the entry fee, while the other player pays for the “blackjack” part of the game. (Blackjack may have been invented during the days when there was a fair playing field for both sides: players paid either legal or illegal fees.) Now we have another problem – one that is very prevalent in the industry: illegal casino players.

While the government and the industry lobby is trying to promote “casino-friendly” laws, they are in blatant violation of these laws when it comes to gambling in the casinos, including slot machines and roulette wheel games. These games are often run more like a lottery and as such, should not be used as gambling machines. It is therefore understandable that “Casino-friend” legislation and legislation mandating “casinocracy” should be a part of any discussion on the legality of casinos. Unfortunately, the gambling industry has adopted a new policy: “Hey, let’s take our money-losing casino and give it to the police force. They’ll keep us safe and make it easier for these other crooks to win even more.”

The most recent examples of casino-friendly legislation that has been introduced over the last few years is the casino bill “Bill C-4”, sponsored by Mr. Paul Calandra in the House of Commons on January 9, 2013. Mr. Calandra introduced this legislation and his sponsor, Mr. Peter Kent, the former Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate, was one of the principal authors of this legislation (Bill C-4). Mr. Calandra has repeatedly argued that casinos should not be regulated, because the casinos would be unfair to the industry’s customers. This argument has been refuted and disproved by numerous scientific studies. One well-recognized study done by the University

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