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The following questions were randomly selected from the responses and are presented as a single question:

What color is black in roulette (and in what numbers of balls)?

There are some very interesting results below the chart…

It doesn’t take long finding out that black, green, and red are very popular choices. What about orange?! And why the color white? No questions asked!

What color are the other three balls?

It’s not long before it becomes apparent that the rest of the ball color choices are limited to blue, green, and red. Blue seems to be the least popular with the rest of the ball colors. Maybe blue is a good choice because it can represent the “blue sky” without actually being blue and green is not a bad color choice just because it’s a bit more neutral.

If you’ve been around here a long time you may have noticed that the following question is asked in a very similar fashion to the other question.

If you saw a roulette wheel, how would you have voted?

In this case, a lot of people vote for “green” but I thought this wasn’t right since it’s not easy for anyone to see what color the red spot on the wheel is. So, I decided to ask the following question:

Would you pick the color of the orange or green ball that was just one stroke away from you?

If you’d seen a roulette wheel before this year, what would you think about your choices? Are there any other question types which have the same effect on what you pick for an outcome?

Here are some of our results.

This question is probably of more interest to people with a computer background as I imagine it must have been a bit harder for people with a pencil and paper background to get such impressive results. For a computer user, it may be easier to just try out a few ball colors or just take a lot of random guessing games.

It looks like the question should be a good indicator if “everyone” could pick the correct color for a given outcome. Of course, you have to make up your own mind on that.

This question is a bit more difficult to answer since you have a little space to imagine what your answers might be even though it’s not possible to say something with some accuracy.

Overall, it’s safe to say that not many people can pick a color, and most people would just prefer not to.

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