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If you were able to take the elevator to the 12th floor of Trump Tower this week, you’d have seen the first installment of the “President Donald Trump and the First Lady: A Year in Review.” The piece, written by NBC’s Kate Snow, details some of the highlights of the president’s first year — as well as the many missteps, errors, and scandals it highlights. The piece goes on to say that the Trump administration continues to struggle, but the only thing Trump’s critics can hope of is for the White House to go on “a new streak of success.” Now, I have my doubts about that happening.

Trump supporters aren’t just in disagreement with the piece or its tone — they are in disagreement with everything it mentions, including Snow herself. If you go to the article you’ll see that the piece only mentions “one White House official” and Trump’s tweets. “The president has largely shown a willingness to play nice with his detractors, particularly when there’s a good story to be told,” Snow writes, and she quotes President Trump stating, “I don’t like when anybody doesn’t report what I say so that I can write what I want because that’s what news is all about.” Trump also called his reporters “the fake media.”

But the issue isn’t about Snow’s “unfriendly portrayal” of those close to the president. (For one thing, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and CBS and NBC News, among others, all reported that Trump took part in a New Year’s Eve party in the room where he claims he had a “very nice time.” Some reported that he didn’t invite the media; others said no one from the Trump Organization was involved.) It’s about the fact that the Trump White House has come under scrutiny for its communications skills since Trump took office. Many journalists and lawmakers have wondered at how the president is able to reach out to, say, the National Rifle Association or his own supporters without seeming to act as a tool to influence opinion. The Trump administration seems to be failing, or at the moment, has a hard time getting the message across.

Snow’s piece isn’t an indictment of Trump’s presidency but it does raise a valid question as it is now: What’s his goal here? Is this just a chance to show off his executive power without making waves? The New York Times piece makes it clear that this

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