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There’s a guy, I think he’s the name is Gerts. He was a pilot of Russian Air Force and I think he died. And I remember that I’ve heard that there’s a guy who’s a lawyer, he’s named Geroge Zaslavsky, and he said that his buddy died before my time. He says that he’s been practicing on an airplane and he said that his buddy made a crash land and he saw his body, he said. [Laughter]

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[On the story of Gerts] What really happened – I don’t know, there’s a lot of information. I mean this would have been very important for my father.

[In the 1950s,] he started working with a man named Gurov that’s the president of United Aircraft Corporation. [ Laughter ] He was the co-founder of United Aircraft Corporation in 1941, Gurov was a really tough boss. He was the founder of United Aircraft Corporation and he was a fighter pilot, and he worked at the airport for years. I can remember my dad’s wife, Maria – [ Laughter ].

I have this picture of me with my mom, and she was a pilot herself, just like my dad. I think my mom was one of the girls who started flying airplanes, you know. She was a pilot – [ Laughter ] It was in the 1950s and I think she got her pilot’s license, you know.

My dad – my dad was one of the big pilots. He was a super-fighter pilot and he was a professional pilot – [ Laughter ] In 1945 he had one of the first flight in a military jet aircraft, and I think his co-pilot was a French guy called Pierre, right?

[ In the 1950s ] He made a big mistake in a military jet – and he lost his life – but it was during an American air war and he was one of the pilots on the American side who was shot down. [ Laughter ] That’s why it’s funny to hear my dad say that he died before mine because of what a guy my dad was, because we have similar genes. In France, that’s one of the reasons we had a hard time, you know – because they killed his buddies. And we’re all good friends today.

I’ve met – and I went there – there was a lot of good food there, and when I went there, it was a very cool

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