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It’s a fact that when you take a gamble it’s all good if you get lucky and win, but if you do not take a risk in taking your bets, then you will eventually come out losing with zero or negative earnings.

We do not accept any risks and our betting rules are as simple and clear and as rigorous as they need to be (see below) to ensure that you are guaranteed an income for your investment, and to make sure you are as profitable as possible.

How does roulette work?

For each person the amount of the bet may vary, the result will be in terms of number of roulette balls being rolled. Roulette is an old fashioned form of slot machine where people take small bets.

Once placed players are dealt a deck of cards from which they pick a number, a random drawing process takes place with the remaining cards. After three draws the player is dealt his or her winning roulette number.

The odds of winning a roulette game as well as the odds of losing are different for every roulette machine.

What makes Roulette a ‘Roulette’?

Roulette is played by people in order to get away from other gambling games. It is based on luck, as it is not rigged in any way. So the only way that Roulette can make you money is if you play the game regularly and make a lot of money, so it’s a great risk-free way of getting people into gambling without them knowing it’s based on chance.

It’s not that Roulette is a game that’s always rigged. You can play it whenever and whenever you like, it works equally well regardless where, who, or when you play, which means that Roulette is more or less fair if you’re playing it regularly and win a lot.

What if I win a big one?

How much you win and lose depends on many factors. The game isn’t guaranteed, but if you play regularly and win in a big way, then you will end up with a bigger bet and your total amount will vary from time to time.

What does Roulette cost?
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There are various different types of roulette machines for sale in Japan, the main one with roulette is called “Yokai” (白い), the name of the machine means “fortune” in Japanese. This machine was introduced in Japan on the 4th November, 1959 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of

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