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A new generation of dragons is coming… and it’s not for your money.

— The Vault of the Avatar!

— A dragon’s breath

Glyphs are magical runes engraved into various objects and can even be placed inside. Glyph-crazed creatures have gained the ability to create weapons and armor, though a new type of weapon called Glyph-based weapons are a much rarer treat.

Glyphs can be purchased from one of three merchants in the Capital city of Alik’r: Zorik on the East bank of the Anderfels River or Zantyr on the West bank of the Anderfels River. A glyph can be bought once at each merchant. Some glyphs have no requirements, other glyphs are only obtainable after completing a “Glyph Story,” which involve completing a quest. Glyphs are found in the following locations:

A player can upgrade one Glyph to a high rank (such as Legendary in the case of the Dragonbane) if one had the required items to unlock it. The ability to acquire a Glyph requires “Glyph Mastery,” which requires a character with both mastery level requirements (or equivalent) to complete the required quests, as well as “Glyph Research,” which entails gathering all available glyphs and crafting them into a Glyph. Once a player achieves “Glyph Mastery,” they gain the “Glyph Scroll,” which also includes a permanent Glyph. Once the glyph is obtained, the player can purchase it from one of the merchants.

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All “Glyphs” are enchanted with specific properties:

“Glyph” Level Primary Effect Effects Glyph Level Primary Effect Effects 3x Glyph of the Wild (level 3) Wildly increases the area of effect of “Glyph of the Wild” attacks. When this glyph is active, it can deal up to 100% damage. 4x Glyph of Fire (level 4) +2 Fire damage to nearby foes. +100% Fire damage to nearby foes. 6x Glyph of Air (level 5) +5 to allies near the caster. +50% Air damage to nearby allies. 9x Glyph of Water (level 6) +10 water damage to nearby foes. +100% water damage to nearby foes. 11x Glyph of Life (level 7) +1

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