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I see two ways that we could come close to getting a specific result. If the number of possible outcomes is the number of players, then the chance of winning depends only on the number of players. However, there are two conditions that have to be met:

1. The number of players must be a multiple of N – 1, or, for example, it must be the sum of all the possible outcomes divided by all these possibilities. To obtain a multiple of N – one, the player must get to at least N – 1 results, and for all the other possibilities, the number must be divisible by N. (A higher number of players gives a lower number of outcomes.)

2. If the number of possible outcomes is divisible by N it follows that the number of possible outcomes is N – 1.

If N = 3, then the probability of winning is 1 / N – 3, so the probability of getting a specific outcome is:

\[ \frac {\Delta Z}{S}\sum_{k \in S} P_{k+1} \Delta Z=P_{k+1}\Delta Z\log E_k. \]

Now suppose you have a roulette wheel, and you are betting 1 roulette penny at a time. Suppose that the first penny is placed in the center of the wheel–it is the wheel’s “center coin.” Suppose that the second penny is placed immediately after the center coin, and so on until all the coins have been removed. At that time, it becomes the center coin again. At each of the next seven turns, the center will be touched again. Because the wheel does indeed spin, you can’t see when, precisely, it will be next touched, but you can see that eventually the wheel hits one of the wheels–a nickel–and its center coin (the center coin again) will be touched and that’s when the game ends.

There’s a formula called Rousset’s Theorem. The theorem says that if you put a nickel at any of the seven “center coins” on the roulette wheel (and it doesn’t fit–there aren’t any others), the next time the wheel spins (in a given turn), you are guaranteed that you’ll always get that cent.

In your example, the first penny is placed in the center, and that’s the first penny you get. But there’s really no “next time,” because the wheel will eventually touch the third penny

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