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How many more Russians go to Ukraine every year?

More than 100 million a year

Who cares?

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But in fact they all hate each other because Ukraine is a “Russian sphere of influence.”

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How many more died during World War II?

More than 2 million a year

How many more died in the Holocaust?

For the past few years I have been writing about the economic crisis and its impact in the UK. In an attempt to make sense of how the situation is changing, I published my final report on how the current crisis compares to the historical record and what I think the lessons be for the future.

This post provides an overview of some topics covered in that series, including:

The impact of the crisis on the housing market and rents

Analysis of key macroeconomic variables

How to spot which of the key indicators that have been used can be improved

The challenges facing both banks and private lenders

The impact that private lending is having on the financial system

The wider political implications of this crisis, and whether or not it’s the best solution to the problem

Today it’s time to wrap up our look at the financial crisis and its impact on housing and housing markets in the UK, looking at a few other key issues:

The impact of the crisis on rents

In 2012, it was announced that the UK would begin levying a 1% capital gains tax on landlords in order to fund the capital spending necessary to support the recovery.

But despite this and previous measures from the Chancellor of the Exchequer to raise £26bn, some areas of London have seen prices continue to rise much faster than the rest of the country. In the years to come, many landlords will need to raise prices in London to achieve profit at these high rents, meaning that the capital gains tax has not necessarily had a positive social or economic impact.

If we look at the history of the capital gains tax, we see that it has generally created very large rents increases, with many homeowners losing their homes to large

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