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The World Series of Poker.

The poker room is bigger than most casinos. But that doesn’t mean the place isn’t crowded — especially if you are a poker enthusiast.

This is the world’s biggest poker event, with over 1,100 tournaments this year. A few of the more popular events include the $10,000 Omaha; $7,500 Pot Limit Omaha; the $6,000 Omaha, which is the largest tournament, and the $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha.

The best games are usually the games with the most players, and that’s the case here at the World Series. It has the most events by far, and as the popularity of poker grows, so does the room.

Forbes ranked the World Series of Poker as the 39th largest in the world this year.

So where would you like to spend $100? Where is the best table?
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How about a spot next to a few other tables? Do you want to find a table with the biggest player in the room and enjoy a little more peace and quiet than in a hotel room? Or, do you fancy spending some extra cash on more poker machines?

The biggest table is actually in the $2,000 Pot Limit Omaha room, and you can see that by the large amount of poker machines and poker games going on.

The Poker Stars Lounge

The Poker Stars Lounge is next door to the World Series rooms on the floor level of the Ritz-Carlton. And that’s where the real action happens when people want to get a little extra cash. And that’s always a good thing.

The lounge has a couple of tables and tables of games with the bigger tournaments, but there are also a lot of fun games available including the Jackpot poker game and a lot of games that offer a nice change of pace for poker.

The one thing that made the Poker Stars Lounge great is the prices. The average table in the lounge will cost you $50 to play a three-player game, and the more you spend, the better your poker experience gets.

So, while the lounge may be small and empty, you have a great spot to have a nice meal or buy more poker accessories — it only costs $75 for a poker stick. You can even get more poker chips free if you show your poker face at a machine.

You can also buy a seat here before or during the event, and that usually costs less

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