Can can dancers? – Belly Dancing Classes In Colchester Ct Restaurants

I’ve danced a bit, it’s one of us! – That’s what all the kids want to know! Can people dance?

I had a ball! – I was there. I watched the whole thing.

I didn’t do any dancing! – Well, I didn’t want to interrupt, but…

I did this dance for you guys! – Wow!

I don’t recall when or how I said it. – You really did a lot for me, did you?

I think you did a bit. And I think you had a ball with it! So take a good look! You know, as a dancer I think my style is very special. I’m so glad I got to see you.

I don’t like doing this with you. Maybe I just thought when you were dancing you looked good. What’s with the stare and all?

I like when you get up close and when you dance for me. That’s what gets me off. – So how about we…

Yeah, go ahead. – So what do you know about me?

– You’re a stripper?

I’m a dancer.

– That explains your looks.

Yes. I’m a stripper.

You want to come up here?

– Good luck…

You can’t help me, you know.

– I just…

– You know anything about this “mystery girl”?

– I don’t. I saw you dancing with a guy from a club…

– I saw you dancing.

– Where?

– In the back room of the club.

So this… woman who was dancing with you, is she some type of porn star?

– Yes.

What I was saying is, that lady was good. I mean she was… It was just a couple of times, and… she was so good… she…

– Well, she’s got talent.

– I’m not gonna lie. No. The girl in that dance has talent. I saw her perform for you guys, but not on TV!

Oh, my God! You saw a girl do this on TV!

That’s right, yeah.

Where were you guys?

I was up here listening…

I have to get to the point. I do not think this woman was involved in

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