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What is more likely to kill you? A heart attack or an orgasm? I’m guessing that, once again, the answer is an orgasm.

This is another one of those “science facts” that has a very strong association to sex.

“If you orgasm too much, it kills your heart,” Dr. Fink explained.

According to Dr. Fink, most men think they “just can’t” stay hard during sex. For the most part, these men are right.

A man’s heart is most responsive at a steady heart rate of 90 beats per minute or above, according to Dr. Fink.

Men should expect to lose a “few pounds” by losing their sexual drive, Dr. Fink explained, but they’ve got a lot more to lose.

Most men who orgasm on a regular basis are “exhausted” — they’re not physically able to go any more.

Dr. Fink said that men should aim for a “moderate” to “high” orgasm (an average of 4 to 5 on a scale of 10) that lasts for about one minute at a time, with each orgasm feeling similar to the last one, and then they should slowly return to their normal weight. For an orgasm with three of more, like most men’s, Dr. Fink recommends gradually losing 10 percent or more of their body weight as they lose their sexual stamina.

If your goal is to become a “good” bodybuilder, Dr. Fink said, you should aim for less than an hour of vigorous sex a month and gradually increase this time (for example, once each week to once a month). If you want to stay skinny, the best thing you can do is “re-diet” at most once a week, Dr. Fink said.

So with all of this, what does all this mean for you?
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It’s possible that if you enjoy sex as much as I do, you could go through a few years or even decades being extremely low in terms of sexual desire. And even then, it’s possible you’ll gradually regain all of that desire.

So for all of you out there who are wondering if the reason you don’t want to be sexually active at all is simply because you’re too busy, let me assure you that is a complete and utter myth.

The only people who think that are losers with zero self-respect.

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