Does Belly dancing make your stomach bigger? – Belly Dancing Controversy

(It doesn’t, but do a little jogging if you do.)

6. Don’t let your kids be the only kids at the dance floor.

7. Get a good laugh while you’re there. In short, there’s no shame in the fact that a few times a day you might get to dance (and get a workout). But don’t expect the entire house and the entire nation to join in.

8. Take a picture of your kids as soon as they walk out onto the dance floor (especially if they’re in the middle of dancing).

9. Remember that no one is more important to you than your kids. Even if this may be the worst day of your life, you want your kids to know that the rest of the world looks up to your little ones.

10. Make friends at the party.

11. Remember how to take good pictures and video at the dance.

12. If you’re one of those kids that have had a bad day, you might be wondering if you should really bother. A few wise comments here and there might convince you. If not, stick to the tips above.

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13. Make sure you pick a dress that is well-fitted (at least when you’re not doing the dancing) and that it fits as well on top of your body as it does underneath.

14. Go easy on your dancing.

15. If you’re still getting used to the music and the environment at the party, maybe the best thing to do is relax and have some fun. Even if dancing is hard, it’s not worth giving up your party for.

16. If you can, find ways to have the dance party without the party being at the home (like taking a cab instead of driving your kids).

17. Be kind to all the kids, no matter your age (there’s nothing like a birthday girl getting to dance with you to make children love you even more).

18. Be nice about your dancing. No one should be forced to dance. And let’s be real, you’re not going to be able to dance to any music that is not your own.

19. Take it slow so that you can get everything as comfortable as possible. You won’t feel like a bad dance teacher if you can do your dance routine in a couple minutes (or even just a couple of moves). That being said, take your time with the moves because they

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