How do you dance for beginners? – Belly Dance Drawing

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“There’s a lot in this world that you have to learn and to know. I think if you’re going to learn, learn a bit. But you also have to have the right dance partner. That’s important. You can’t just be one-footed.”

What are your dance moves like?

“A few things that I have in particular are hip hop moves, so I’ll never dance a hip hop song again. There’s some jazz moves, some traditional ones, some moves that I just did. And also some moves I’ve learned from some of the dancers on Facebook. The dance moves are going to be different from the typical person who goes to a nightclub for dancing. They’ll be better in some of the moves because I’ll just do them differently.”

What does a typical day look like for you?

“Now I just go out dancing a bit and do my shopping. After a while, I stop and take my clothes shopping. Sometimes I go out shopping with my daughter, then I take her down to some movie to watch and stuff. Then I’ve just got a bit of work. I’ve got a job as part-time, but it’s my way of doing things. I don’t work as an independent artist, but I do try to do something that isn’t doing nothing.”

Who are your inspirations as an artist?

“I’m looking at things that have always fascinated me. I’m fascinated with everything, and you can’t stop because it’s your life. What it all comes down to is the music. Music is very powerful and very relevant. Music can affect people and it can make them happy. You can change a person’s mood and you can change their life completely or it can just destroy them. Music is so influential and it’s a very powerful thing. Whether it’s a band, a pop artist, a singer-songwriter, a musician, a painter, a sculptor, a filmmaker, you can just hear something and it’s going to make someone’s world a better place.”

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