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How do ya do?” she teased as she leaned to her lover’s ear and whispered.

Kakashi’s mind was racing with the idea of performing a certain form of dance with the other ninja, but all he really said to her was, “I’d love to.” Even if it meant her dancing with the other shinobi, which he didn’t see the point in.

“I’ll tell you when I see you for practice tomorrow, but… I really like you.” She pressed the kiss to his forehead, her fingers stroking his hair. “So much so that you and me both. Oh my, do I miss you…”

Her hand slid down between their bodies, her body wrapped so warmly around the black chakra-soul-soul boy. She rested her head on the head of his head, feeling his breath upon her ear as they lay. They breathed in unison, their lives now intertwined with a bond that transcended the boundary of body, mind, and soul.

That would be the future, Kakashi thought, a beautiful future filled with the promise of another, happier life, his daughter finally fulfilling her destiny, and a life, too, as happy as his heart would ever want.

A/N: I’ve noticed that when a story is published on one of my other fanfics the author tends to use the same fic name as his/her main story and as long as it has the same character as their main fic it will appear in both. I was thinking I’d give this a go and see what sort of fic I end up with, so here we are.

This fanfic will have a little thing called the “fic-id” and this will be the first one in which it will be used. I guess we’ll see what happens.

I hope you enjoy!


The first two games of the season are over and the Cowboys have been decimated, but there’s still a lot to be positive about on paper. The running back corps is good and the team hasn’t shown much in the way of weaknesses, so if DeMarco Murray can produce and the offensive line improves, the Cowboys won’t fall too far behind the rest of the league.

The Cowboys’ secondary, however, should be far better than it was last year, assuming it can stay healthy for the entire season.
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The defense can’t stop the run and the secondary has to

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