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Just like you do with your dance moves, you can make some of your body movements while moving on floor. The technique is called twerking in Japan as it is called Twerk. Twerking can be a lot of fun, but it can also create some serious damage to the knees, ankles and thighs.

Some of the dangerous twerking moves include the spinning wheel, the spin and turn dance (where you spin on the floor), and the twirl.

Some of the dangers associated with twerking include:

Overuse of the muscles

Overuse of leg muscles

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Posterior ankle pain

Rupture of ligaments

Knee pain

This article was first published in the Feb. 2008 issue of Twerk magazine.

Learn how to twerk with the Twerk Boot Camp video.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The EU referendum result will be used as a benchmark for future negotiations on trade and the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

There is evidence that Brexit has pushed up the rate of unemployment in Northern Ireland, researchers say.

Their analysis of census data suggests that the unemployment rate in the three most recent months of the 2016 and 2017 annual censuses in Northern Ireland was 8% higher than the national average.

The UK Government says it needs to find out further details around the referendum.

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The Scottish Government said the UK government “did everything possible” to try to block independence.

It said Northern Ireland would continue to be part of “our UK”.

The Scottish government said there was no contradiction between maintaining the UK’s special relationship with the UK and the right of Northern Ireland to be part of an independent Scotland.

“We have agreed with the Scottish government to maintain a special relationship with Scotland, one that supports the UK economy, with Scotland, with Europe, and with the rest of Scotland,” a spokesperson said.

The researchers behind their work found a number of other factors – such as changes to the structure of the economy, such as the drop in manufacturing sector – could have contributed to Northern Ireland’s record high unemployment.

“It is likely that such factors contributed to increasing unemployment in Northern Ireland after the Brexit vote, even when we control for important economic indicators that might have contributed to employment and unemployment rate”, said the researchers.

‘Falling in line’

The British government is currently facing a court order

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