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I can’t see it!”

You: “Well in that case, I guess that’s going to be our best bet… You’re still naked…”

“Alright”, you ask. “What do you do all day?”

“Well, I study for my exams”, you say. “Then, I go over to Miss R’s, and take a bath. Miss R’s always makes my body so nice and smooth!”

“Oh, you get a bath?” asks your friend.

“Um… yeah, like I said, I take a bath at her…”

“So that makes me Miss R’s student then?” asks your friend. “You’re a sexy teacher!”

“Yes, yeah I am”, you agree.

“You’re really a sexy teacher, aren’t you?!”

“Yeah I am”, you agree.

“So you don’t do anything different when you’re teaching?” your friend asks.

“If I’m teaching, I just go over there… and wait for her to finish… Then I kiss her!”

“So you kiss the students then, right?” your friend asks.

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“Um… yeah yeah, every day” you say.

“So you don’t teach anyone that’s not… a girl?” your friend calls out.

“Yeah, all men are a woman, every morning it’s the same – I’m a woman!” you continue.

“I can’t believe you’re… You’re a woman!”, your friend shouts.

“But I’m a man!” you say confidently, trying to keep a straight face when your friend is about to kick you across the room.

“No… not every morning…” your friend is saying as she starts to pull you down on to her lap, whereupon you try to get out of her reach and you finally slip down her lap and slap her cheeks.

Your friend looks confused for a moment. “What was that for?”, she asks in disbelief.

“Just because it’s a woman doesn’t mean that I can slap her… it’s because I’m a man”, you say.

Your friend sighs. “Well I’ve never been slap-swatted like that before. But I’ll have to try for the rest of the day… because I’ve never seen a man hit a woman before, and you’re not a man…”

The next day you find a

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