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“Yes, it’s possible to take part in belly dancing on the Jumu’ah day,” he said.

“However the person conducting this has to follow the rules and regulations of the congregation, including the dress code, which means that it is not allowed.”

He added that this “does not mean there are no rules at all.”

So-called “belly dancing” is seen as traditional Somali dance which originated from East Africa and was adopted by many Somali youths.

The traditional outfit worn during the tradition is a white tunic and a blue or black skirt, with black stockings.

In Islam, wearing clothing considered offensive is considered a source of sin.

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The headscarf is a must for women in Islam and requires men to cover up when walking on the streets.

Image copyright AP Image caption The practice of belly dancing has been banned in the UK for many years

The BBC’s Hassan Ammar says this type of clothes has not been allowed in the country since its first court ruling which banned the practice in 2010.

But it was recently extended to the entire congregation and the rules for women were loosened following a legal battle.

It is thought that belly dancing can bring good fortune, although Somali women in the UK are not legally allowed to participate.

‘It’s all about modesty’

The BBC’s Jonathan Head in the southern city of Mombasa explains that since it was made illegal to take part in the tradition, locals now take part and dance to traditional tunes.

“Some people wear very long clothes and some people just wear dresses… and it is all about modesty,” says Ali, who did not wish to give her surname.

So-called “kabab” – a traditional bag – is seen as similar to the “dress”, with men and women equally required to wear it.

He said: “Some people do it [but] not many do it because I see the elders saying that it is inappropriate for women wearing such clothes.”

He also believes that the tradition is “a form of cultural mixing” and does not represent the true spirit of Islam.

Some people who do belly dance also perform during weddings, he added.

Other restrictions on what women can wear include the prohibition of women in burka, hijabs, full face veils, and wearing trousers that reach below the ankles.

The BBC’s Jonathan Head tells our World Service

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