Is belly dancing bad for your back? – Belly Dancing Workout

If so, it’s a sign you shouldn’t be doing it.
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There are a few different ways that belly dancing can be harmful to your back. There’s the obvious way, which is that body position and movement causes stress on the joints, and can result in a back issue. The other common type is that it can lead to overpronation, a tendency in the back to fall over forward and forward, with the upper back being in an exaggerated and forward position.

You might be wondering why so many people still do belly dancing. It’s a pretty easy answer, really. Just like other forms of movement, it is easy to forget that belly dancing is not a sport you perform like you might dance on a soccer field or tennis court. It’s a dance you do with your body. And it takes practice.

There are some things that need to be considered when dancing belly dancing that should not be. As you’re going to find out in a moment, it’s not always safe to do your back in a certain way. But what’s important here is having the confidence to make the right choices when you’re dancing for a group or club.

The best ways to find out if you’re doing belly dancing correctly is to be patient and to try it yourself. After a few days, you’ll be glad you did. Because once you start getting a hang of it, you’ll realize that belly dance can be just that, fun.

As soon as your belly dancer has mastered this dance, they’ve found some new and different things to make them feel comfortable in their body. And that can only mean great things for your bottom. We hope that this guide helps you take some of these fun and safe activities to the next level.

Do you like belly dancing? I’d love to discuss any of your favorite exercises or ways of learning more. Do you have any questions about what it would take to start belly dancing? Let’s talk. Email us at or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Also if you’d like to learn what it is like to learn belly dancing as a first dance, check out this article.

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