Is belly dancing difficult to learn? – Belly Dancing To Bolero

Why are belly dancers so successful now? A new study offers answers to these and other questions.
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An international team of doctors, psychologists and scientists has looked at the causes of belly dance’s revival, and concluded that the reason it’s so popular now is not as simple as changing a few bad habits. For starters, the scientists discovered that in addition to the bad behaviors that have kept belly dance from succeeding as an art form for centuries – not wearing make up, not letting a partner get up the ladder, not staying in one place for too long – the act’s modern revival – performed regularly in clubs and dance venues around the world – has also made it harder to learn belly dance.

Dr. Robert C. Luebke, University of Maryland School of Medicine, said:

“The answer is more likely a mix of cultural influences than one major cause or cause and effect. Cultural influences are difficult to understand, much less predict. In this case, we found that belly dancing’s cultural appeal and increasing popularity have probably had a greater effect than the physical characteristics of the dancers themselves. If we are to be concerned about promoting the health of adolescents, we should think about their long-term health, not their physical appearance.”

The study analyzed data from a variety of sources, including surveys, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and local dance organizations. They analyzed each trend in three categories.

Health – How much people like the act? How much body fat people may possess? How likely is this act to prevent a person, after getting married, from becoming pregnant?

Structure – Where did all of the belly dancers go? Did they move away from places where they were overweight by moving to nightclubs, where they were much more likely to put on weight, or did they avoid clubs altogether?

Function – How frequently did people in this group actually take part in the act and show up to dances?

The study also analyzed data from the U.S. census. Because the U.S. is the world’s largest and most diverse country, people living in these small areas tend to exhibit more similarities than differences. From 1990 to 1992 data were collected from 2,095 census tracts (counties) in 12 states and the District of Columbia. The census tract data were broken into “counties,” which in this study means a large area that covers most of a state, and “tracts,” areas of less than 100 people. These small areas with

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