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I have a lot of stories, I just haven’t gotten to those yet…but that is really awesome, it is amazing, it is so beautiful…I can’t even imagine living here in the U.S. for long – I mean that’s kind of crazy! It’s really amazing, and I am such an Indian-American, I am more Asian than American – and now I can be myself in this country, and that’s just amazing!

Why did you decide to open a store in China and Mexico?

China is the birthplace of my company with a lot of really unique things…I just love it…this place is amazing. It is kind of like, what happens here? I am excited to bring this store here and to be here in China and Mexico, and just kind of enjoy the lifestyle a little bit more…and I can tell that when I go back to the U.S. and go to some of these stores they’re just bursting at the seams.

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Why Mexican food?

I grew up in the U.S. and went to school here, so the cuisine there is great, and I just…that’s the food I grew up with…it’s just so different – and it is so exciting to see these people actually eat this food…it makes it so interesting…

What about cooking traditional Indian food?

I love cooking, and I think the Indian food has this great variety, it’s rich, it’s flavorful – it is pretty difficult to find in America, I think, or to find in Mexico, because it’s really hard to find in Mexican restaurants. In the U.S. it’s definitely on the list. And, you know, I like to be creative; I like experimentation, and, yeah, it’s a great way to bring that cuisine to other people and show it to them, and to share it with them.

How did your parents make money when you were little?

Well, my mother worked on the factory floor, and as a young child they worked very hard, and she came home exhausted at 4 o’clock at night…her hair was long…my father came back home after 2 o’clock at night – I never knew that because my parents never talked about their times…my dad worked at Walmart, and his boss, who was an old woman, said to my dad ‘You know if they have children, I’ll bet they’re going to work hard in the

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