Is hip hop a culture? – Belly Dance Training Video

Can you think of any other cultural phenomenon in history that has attracted so many different types of fan? Does that matter to you, at all? I mean, does it make you feel a little bit guilty by association? Like, “oh shit, I’m so privileged I got a good vantage point to judge?”

I mean, I honestly don’t care. I don’t like judging. I’ll say that in the first few years I was doing my thing, I knew exactly what these people were getting out of the band. They were like, “Holy shit, these people have come to my scene from all over the world to see you, and they’re super into rap!” It was such a special moment. And when I started writing for PBR, I was like, “I have to put this on my playlist now!” And they were totally fine with it. I don’t care what people say.

This is really strange. Is this why there’s such a divide between rock and hip hop fans? You’re a rapper, but you write for some indie folks who are pretty cool about rock music.

It certainly is! I’ve had a few conversations with young dudes in my demographic, I guess, who think rock bands are just trash and rap is just trash and rock bands are cool. I have to tell ’em they’re fucking crazy!

Why don’t you play?

Because there’s not a space for it… [Laughs]

So what is it about the way people use music today that’s changed it so much?

Well, that’s a really good question. It’s funny you mention that because you’re from a music-loving generation. I thought I was in a generation more interested in music than now. But I’m finding out that there are so many people out there who really don’t know anything about music when it comes to hip hop. And I’m looking around the room and people are like, “Wow, so what kind of music do I actually have to like to get into?” And I’m just like… Oh God.

It makes me really curious about this other world that people are going to come to with the new generation. There’s a kid here who came in today from a really traditional rock station and he’s like, “I’m not much of a rock fan, but I’ll be OK if they call my band Rock n’ Roll.” Who the fuck am I to tell him what to do? [Laughs]

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