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Hip hop dance style (HMDS) is the dance style of the genre of hip hop music, which originated during the mid-1990s in California, is popular in the United States, and is now found on every continent on the planet. Although hip hop dance style originated in the United States, it is the most widely used American dance style, which allows a greater range of choreographed, expressive and expressive dance than any other dance.

Hip hop dance style is also known as the New York style or West Coast style, both of which are derived from a dance that originated in NYC, New York, in the early 1980s. However, to distinguish between the two styles, which are considered by many to be the same dance, some words that are used interchangeably, to emphasize this, include the following:

Hip Hop Dance Style

New York Style

Hip hip hooray!

Hip hop style is a dance style that involves the use of a variety of moves and body positions to produce a strong and dynamic, multi-faceted dance style. Hip hop dance style combines elements of traditional American dance with elements of contemporary dance genres to create a unique form of expression. Hip hop dances, or as they are commonly referred to by other cultures, are unique to hip hop and are not found in other styles of dance.

What does hip hop dance style entail?

Many different dance styles are incorporated into hip hop dance style, which include various genres and movements; such as West Coast / New York Style Hip Hop, Hip Hop Dance, Balboa, or Hip Hop Jig, which are each distinctive and separate from one another.

Hip hop dance style is also referred to as West Coast style Hip Hop Jig, New York style hip hop dance, or West Coast form hip hop dance. Hip hop dance style is also sometimes referred to as West Coast style.

How does hip hop dance style differ from dance of classic hip hop?

Since hip hop dance styles are distinct, and differ from classical hip hop dance styles by incorporating different elements, such as movement, tempo, and rhythm, their styles are also differentiated from dance of traditional styles such as reggae, soul, R&B, disco, and hip hop music.

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To better understand the differences between contemporary dance and hip hop dance, watch for our popular videos on different dance styles in our popular dance video section from time to timeā€”from classic dance moves to hip

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