What is the meaning of belly dancing? – Belly Dance Classes In South Kolkata

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It means that you spend the morning at the beach, take a walk and eat some food, get a massage at the beach, go to the beach again at the end of the day and dance with your belly. It is an old, traditional, ritual of the South Asian people. It is a celebration of a time when the entire society was in a different mood than today. But a lot of people still practice it today, especially in Bangalore. We do this for our children to bring pleasure, and we do this to ourselves. It is the joy that comes from the feeling of being alive and alive.

Why do you have to do belly dance?

You have to do it if you know you are being watched by an outsider, someone who is not able to appreciate your culture.

How can women be able to go to the beach without being looked at in this way by a stranger?

The way we dance shows them our femininity as well as our power.

What are the steps for dancing the belly dance?

If you start the body-line, do it in one go. If you keep going with the same movement, it is called a tummy-to-tummy or naib, which means the same in Sanskrit. If you don’t do a tummy-to-tummy, it is called naib mamma chhota. If you just keep going, you are naib-dhanu, which translates to tummy to belly, but it makes people uncomfortable. Let’s just call it tummy to belly or naib-dhanu.

What makes people in some places uncomfortable, and why do some people think it is shameful?

It depends on where the woman is born.

Do you think belly dancing is a celebration of motherhood or a celebration of motherhood of some kind?

Yes, there are different traditions. Some places, naib-dhanu is a celebration of a particular lady’s motherhood, but in a certain region, naib-dhanu is a celebration of the motherhood of a particular daughter-in-law.

Do you dance naib, or do you dance naab-dhanu?

Sometimes naib and naab, but not naab dhanu. In a lot of places (sarasvati or dharmas) naib-dhanu is a very old tradition. Sometimes naal,

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