Which country is famous for belly dance? – Turkish Belly Dance Music

The United States.

The United States. That’s all.

In 2011, we launched our own website, so we thought, why not celebrate Canada?

We’ve included some photos of the many people who have performed, so you can find out more about the whole belly dance scene.

Who won this year’s Canadian Idol?

The judges included:


Britney Spears

And the winner of the Canada’s Most Popular Idol award, J-Lo, was a surprise winner!!

How long does the act usually stay on stage?

During the whole dance (it’s called “belly dancing” because the person is moving their hips to the beat and moving up and down the whole time).

Who has been voted one of the world’s most beautiful women?

Nokia Dwayne, who won the “Best in Show Beauty” at the World’s Fair.

And a winner of the “Miss World Award, Best Hair” was Canadian model, Nicole Kidman.

Who would you like to sing in your belly dance?

It’s not a good idea to say who because there will be a reaction from many people who’ll think it’s a joke or that you’re disrespecting the music, but I think everybody’s really cool about it!!!

If you were a musician, what style of music would you make if you played belly dance?

I want to be in a jazz band. That is what I want to do.

Do you ever worry about the safety of your belly dancers?

That’s the worst one! Nobody could keep a good belly dancer alive longer than they could hold her steady. As long as you get your dance, you’re pretty much invincible. The one thing I don’t think is worth worrying about is losing your limbs. That’s something you hear people talk about, but you could almost do any kind of dance.

What kind of equipment would you use to perform?

The only thing I would use when I perform belly dance is a pair of big, thin, bouncy little dance shoes.

The biggest thing you will run into is this: the dance is done on an open bar, and people want their money back. That’s when the belly dance acts are trying to pull the attention out of their dance.

And one final question: Do you prefer music for belly dancing or music to relax?

Music is usually

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