Who created hip hop? – Belly Dance Hip Scarf Ebay

Yes, me!!

Who would do it? The Beatles

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“We were the first group to do anything like this.”


Hip Hip Hooray, I’m not a real rapper, just a hip hooray. I’m just in the rap game and I make money off it, I don’t make a very well known name yet, but I’m definitely not making it big.

Punk rapper

Nah I don’t like rappers. Hip Hop is for stupid dicks. Rap is for you, you and the people you love to see. This is the best rap I have ever listened to.


Yeah its a big deal to be a hip hop star but when you get down to it its not really about being a rapper it’s about being a human being. Its got to be real, it isn’t just a job. People see me as a hip hop star but I really wouldn’t want to be one I’m more than happy just being a regular dude. That makes me feel like I am accepted and people will just feel what they see.

Pop Punk

I love rap at the moment I think it’s the best thing there is. I love music and I like music and music is about being honest about who you are and who you want to be in the world so it really makes me very happy. It’s like being born in the right moment, a beautiful day and it’s great! I would love for people to know me for what I am because I guess a lot of people know me now, I got a big website on my website.


People come up and thank me and they love me but a lot of people just get a bit pissed. You know? I want to have a good life and do a good job for them. I feel like I am not really that famous but I want to be. I don’t go around and do stupid stupid shit, I go out there, do my job and just be myself. It means a lot to me

Dance Pop

I have to say that it is definitely a hard thing to make it in this industry, I think that there is something good about it. Some people come up to me and they say they like my music but if I didn’t have my music I would not have made it. It’s a really good choice in a way to be honest because I try really hard. It’s

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